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Adelaide Night Photography Workshop

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Workshop details

Location: Adelaide, SA

Partner: Alfonso Calero Photography

When? Every Saturday Night Where? In Adelaide City meeting at 18 King William Street How much? $99.00 How long? 2.5 hours (evening session) How Many? 2 min - 8 max What do you need? * Digital Camera (Not a smartphone or point & shoot), any lens is fine * Fully charged batteries * Memory cards with space to shoot * Tripod and cable release or remote * Water * Good walking shoes * Umbrella (just in case) * Small towel & plastic bag (to keep your camera dry) * Camera Manual PDF on your mobile * Notepad & pen…to record the handy hints and tips

Rain or shine we'll be fine as we will be under cover or indoors for some locations.

What will I learn?

  • Master Composition
  • Shoot in Manual Modes
  • Control aperture, shutter speed & ISO.
  • Understand Light and Shade
  • Travel Photography (i.e. architecture, people, nature, nightscapes, etc.)